4 Things We’ll Be Talking About This Week – April 3, 2017

4 Things We’ll Be Talking About This Week – April 3, 2017



A while back, Google gave us the ability to search images for specific faces and products, and they have extended this feature to now include video. With the ability to search various videos for specific products, brands will have an opportunity to leverage product placement in new ways. Google has essentially changed the game when it comes to SEO. As we continue to travel towards a future where video, VR and AR are the mediums of choice, we’re all going to have to update our SEO strategies since search isn’t just for words anymore.  


With the continued increase in fake news and online trolling in the age of Trump, many social media companies have set their sights on making their platforms better, nicer places for users. Twitter is now marking some abusive accounts as sensitive material, and Facebook is beginning to flag fake news. Word of mouth has always felt inherently trustworthy, but with all of today’s fake-news nonsense, that trustworthiness is slowly eroding. These moves could be the beginning of the platform policing needed to help remove all that negative noise—which is great news for Community Managers everywhere, who know how hard all that troll wrangling can truly be.


Remember when ‘watching paint dry’ was the go-to statement for describing boredom? The most recent HBO teaser for Game of Thrones may have set a whole new bar. They got fans to watch a livestream of ice melting for over an hour. While the show’s fandom undoubtedly helped drive the engagement on the post, we wonder how brands who don’t have a cult following could leverage similar content. With live streaming quickly becoming the new appointment viewing, brands have an opportunity to engage their communities with compelling content that will break through Facebook’s algorithm and pop to the top of followers’ feeds. This in-the-moment viewing is a great way for brands to celebrate key moments, share behind-the-scenes footage or join in on worldwide events like International Women’s Day— as long as it doesn’t feel like we’re sitting around watching ice melt.


Marketers are always looking for ways to justify their social spending. Recently, the Harvard Business Review called into question the act of amplifying social campaigns with the purpose of gaining Likes and Followers—and we couldn’t have agreed more. Its true there’s an increased likelihood of purchase from people who follow a brand online, but what’s often overlooked is that people who choose to follow a brand would have probably made that purchase anyway. Fans who simply show their support for your brand won’t increase your bottom line, so putting your money behind Follower campaigns is a thing of the past. However, when people engage with your branded, advertised content, there is significant value. Not only does engagement increase purchase intent, it also gives brands access to incredible audience insights. Brands that use social advertising correctly are reaping the benefits, but brands that are still using social to find new friends are going to be left behind.

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