A Letter to #AWXI


Advertising Week 2014 / #AWXI is upon us. WOW! It has been a whole year since the 10-year anniversary blowout, where old friends share a laugh, colleagues share stories of being in the trenches and where new relationships are born over the open bar. So here's to hoping the hangover has subsided enough to repeat.

But I’m pissed!

I’m pissed I’m not going to be there. I’m pissed that a very large pitch is scheduled the same day/week as the festivities in NYC, and I’m pissed that Derek Jeter is retiring. Wait… Wrong rant.

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As a contributor to Advertising Week, it is my duty to be on the front-lines like Geraldo, sporting a bad mustache and a smirk, and focusing on a minescule detail that will be spawned into a story. Like I wrote last year, this is homecoming for our industry.

This is where we look at the successes and failures of the past year and turn them into actionable items that we all take back to our shops and hope to implement. This is where we inspire. We inspire each other. We inspire our industry. And hopefully, this is where we inspire our clients and brands to expect more. To me, that is what this year’s #AWXI is about… Inspiration.

I was chatting with an old colleague of mine this past week over a few Negroni’s in the Southern California summer, which so happens to come in September, and we were engaged in conversation about a previous shop we were both at together. He was my Creative Director and I was his Brand Strategist, and unfortunately since our departure, the quality of the output from the agency has suffered. It had become stuffy, corporate and downright lazy. And there is nothing worse than that. Lazy creative drives me crazier than bad drivers and that one asshole who continuously parks half-way in my parking spot.

So with my ultimate absence from #AWXI, let me express my hopes for what this week has in store as I follow along virtually:

  1. A continued look at how marketers and advertisers can resonate their message/creative in the hearts and minds of their brands’ audiences. Not an easy feat, but as we leverage big data and create smart content, we can essentially adapt to all different segments.

  2. The ever increasing role of technology in advertising and marketing seems to be a trend that is being engrained more and more in society. How can we use this in an authentic and and non-intrusive way?

  3. A greater focus on good advertising. Smart messaging, engaging creative and stunning visuals.

  4. And my ultimate hope for #AWXI … Relationships are made, friendships are rekindled, and our industry as a whole, coming together to celebrate our greatest asset… US!

Here’s to another amazing Advertising Week. #AWXI

Picanza Out!

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