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Reminder: Seminars & Workshops have limited seating. Arrive early to ensure entry. You must have proper credentials required for admittance into all seminars and workshops. Save time by printing your delegate badge or session ticket before you arrive.


Seminars & Workshops have limited seating. Be sure to have your printed AW Credential and arrive early to ensure entry.


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Work in a creative department and want to check out seminars on data and PR? Power to the multidisciplinary.


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9:30 AM   ADARA Stage
11:45 AM   ADARA Stage
1:30 PM   ADARA Stage
4:00 PM   ADARA Stage
Liberty Theater
9:00 AM   Liberty Theater
10:00 AM   Liberty Theater
11:00 AM   Liberty Theater
12:00 PM   Liberty Theater
1:00 PM   Liberty Theater
3:00 PM   Liberty Theater
5:00 PM   Liberty Theater
Getty Images Stage
9:00 AM   Getty Images Stage
10:00 AM   Getty Images Stage
11:00 AM   Getty Images Stage
1:00 PM   Getty Images Stage
2:00 PM   Getty Images Stage
4:00 PM   Getty Images Stage
5:00 PM   Getty Images Stage
Special Events
8:00 AM   Crowne Plaza
8:15 AM   Bryant Park
9:00 AM   Lambs Club
6:00 PM   St. Bartholomew's
8:00 PM   Terminal 5