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Wednesday 9/30
1:00 PM
Fast Company C-Suite
Times Center Stage
Cutting edge players on the connected life; content clutter; disruptive innovation; and the road ahead.
Eric Alt Editor, Co.Create, Fast Company
Sarah Personette Vice President, Global Business Marketing , Facebook
Scott Howe President & CEO, Acxiom
Harry Kargman CEO, Kargo
Bill Koenigsberg President, CEO, & Founder, Horizon Media
Sarah Personette
Bill Koenigsberg
Harry Kargman
Eric Alt
Scott Howe
Monday 9/28
3:00 PM
Winning the Mobile Moments of Truth: A Chat with Google & Fast Company
Times Center Stage
Mobile has shifted the way we interact with each other and the world. Instead of a few moments of truth, there are now countless micro-moments throughout the day when we are forming opinions, shaping preferences and making decisions. Join Bob Safian, Editor of Fast Company, in a dynamic discussion with Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce about the future of mobile and be the first to hear the latest announcements from Google.
Bob Safian Editor, Managing Director, Fast Company
Sridhar Ramaswamy SVP Advertising & Commerce, Google
Bob Safian
Sridhar Ramaswamy
Thursday 10/1
11:00 AM
Beyond Brand: Content’s New Frontier
Times Center Stage
Join NBCUniversal in a discussion about the happy marriage of brand and content.
Bob Safian Editor, Managing Director, Fast Company
Donny Deutsch Chairman Emeritus, Deutsch Inc.
Marc Mathieu CMO, Samsung
Linda Yaccarino Chairman, Advertising Sales and Creative Partnerships, NBCUniversal
Linda Yaccarino
Donny Deutsch
Bob Safian
Marc Mathieu
Wednesday 9/30
5:00 PM
Redefining: Talent
Times Center Stage
Growth of the independent talent pool and recent adoption of Marketer’s “best of breed” model have changed the way creative teams are assembled. From sourcing talent to the increased demand on strategy and new business, Redefining:Talent will explore how the industry is adapting to the shifting landscape.
Amy Farley Senior Editor, Fast Company
Colleen DeCourcy Partner/Global Executive Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy
Justin Gignac Co-Founder , Working Not Working
Troy Young President, Digital, Hearst
Sophie Kelly CEO, The Barbarian Group
Jennifer Remling SVP Talent, R/GA
Colleen DeCourcy
Justin Gignac
Amy Farley
Troy Young
Sophie Kelly
Jennifer Remling
Monday 9/28
5:00 PM
Pandora and Spotify: Into the Millennial Music Stream
Times Center Stage
With every emerging generation, behavior continues to advance faster than brands can keep up. As marketers continually struggle to capture and retain the attention of millennials, hear from two premiere CMOs about how they are tackling understanding and communicating with this important group in the hyper-competitive music streaming landscape.
Rob Brunner Senior Editor, Fast Company
Seth Farbman CMO, Spotify
Simon Fleming-Wood Chief Marketing Officer, PANDORA
Seth Farbman
Rob Brunner
Simon Fleming-Wood
9:00 AM
The Nightly Show This Morning
Liberty Theater
Comedy Central Nightly Show host, Larry Wilmore, brings his distinct point of view and comedic take on pop culture to Advertising Week with a panel of leading luminaries for a riotous start to The Week.
Larry Wilmore Emmy Award-winning producer, actor, comedian, writer and the host of The Nightly Show
Alexandra Cameron Creator / Consultant, Cameron Creations & Talent Management
Chris Macdonald President, McCann New York
Londell McMillan, Esquire CEO; Publisher, The Northstar Group; The Source Magazine
Bob Safian Editor, Managing Director, Fast Company
Rob Schwartz CEO, TBWACHIATDAY, New York
Larry Wilmore
Chris Macdonald
Bob Safian
Rob Schwartz
Alexandra Cameron
Londell McMillan, Esquire
Tuesday 9/29
1:00 PM
Get On Your Feet!
Hard Rock
Emilio and Gloria Estefan sit down with Fast Company for a look at an unbelievable career on stage and an exclusive preview of On Your Feet which opens October 5 on Broadway.
KC Ifeanyi Associate Editor, Fast Company
Emilio Estefan Legendary, Producer
Gloria Estefan Legendary, Artist
KC Ifeanyi
Gloria Estefan
Emilio Estefan
Monday 9/28
8:15 AM
ABC Leadership Breakfast
Bryant Park Grill
Ready, set, go…start Advertising Week with ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas, Jonathan Karl and Nate Silver for an inside perspective on news items of the day from the Pope’s US visit, to the UN, and US election cycle.

By invitation only
+Platinum & Super Delegates
Jonathan Karl Chief White House Correspondent, ABC News
Nate Silver Statistician, Author and Founder, FiveThirtyEight
Elizabeth Vargas Anchor and Correspondent, ABC News
Jonathan Karl
Nate Silver
Elizabeth Vargas
Tuesday 9/29
8:15 AM
Viacom Leadership Breakfast: The Attention Experience
Viacom 1515 Broadway
They come at us from all directions...brands, shows, Instagram feeds, YouTube videos. And they all have the same goals: Attract. Connect. Engage. Join Scratch—Viacom’s creative consultancy—in conversation about the state of attention today, followed by a chance to explore The Attention Experience, our interactive, multi-sensory event on how to get attention, how to keep it and how to identify the best opportunities for breakout success.

By Invitation Only + Platinum Delegates
Wednesday 9/30
8:15 AM
Leadership Breakfast at Rainbow Room – Creating Quality Original Content
Rainbow Room
Join NBCU high atop 30 Rock in the Rainbow Room for this special start to the day.

Platinum & Super Delegates, and by invitation only.
Rami Malek Star of USA's Mr. Robot
Lisa Granatstein Editor , Adweek
David Hurwitz Executive Producer, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
David Hurwitz
Lisa Granatstein
Rami Malek
Thursday 10/1
8:15 AM
Reuters TV Leadership Breakfast
Thomson Reuters
Advertising is Dead… Long Live Advertising

2015 will go down as the year that advertising, as we know it, died. With sharp declines in broadcast and cable audiences and revenue, exploding popularity of ad blockers and ever-evolving mobile platforms, advertising and ad supported media are on the verge of transforming beyond recognition. Advertising icons and future-forward thinkers will help you make sense of the seismic changes and share visions of what evolution and growth look like in 2016...and beyond.
David Sable Global CEO, Y&R
Eric Hippeau Managing Director, Lerer Hippeau Ventures
Jason Kint CEO, Digital Content Next
Eric Hippeau
David Sable
Jason Kint
Wednesday 9/30
2:00 PM
Mastering the Modern Mind
Liberty Theater
For today's leaders, anxiety is a natural function of the brain, a source of motivation, that helps us navigate the physical and social worlds in which we live. But anxiety can also overwhelm, and impair our ability to perform in our ever-challenging roles.

Join leading neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux and The Lighthouse Company founder Kathleen Saxton to explore how you as a leader can harness your anxiety to work for, rather than against, your goals to ensure ultimate success.
Joseph LeDoux Neuroscientist, NYU
Kathleen Saxton Founder & CEO, The Lighthouse Company
Kathleen Saxton
Joseph LeDoux
Monday 9/28
12:00 PM
Fast, Good or Cheap: The Reality of Today’s Content Creation
Getty Images Stage at B.B. King
An honest discussion with the world’s top production heads. Panelists will reveal the latest trends in quickly creating top-quality content--the fast, nimble and good content, clients want right now.
Vincent Geraghty EVP Executive Director of Production, Leo Burnett
Rowley Samuel EVP, Head of Integrated Production, Energy BBDO
Mary Gail Pezzimenti VP Content Creation, The Huffington Post
Lisa Granatstein Editor , Adweek
Vincent Geraghty
Lisa Granatstein
Mary Gail Pezzimenti
Rowley Samuel
Thursday 10/1
3:00 PM
Fast Times at Amusement Park High
Hard Rock
In the 60s, he began playing for Soul Brother #1, James Brown, at the age of 15. In the 70s, he and George funked up the universe with Parliament-Funkadelic. In the 80s through the 21st century, he has lent his bass to rap gods. Now, he has landed his Mothership at Amusement Park. Come join us as funk icon, Bootsy Collins, P's on our panel.
Bootsy Collins Musician
Ed Collins Partner & President, Amusement Park
Mike Weisman Partner & CEO, Amusement Park
Jon Gothold Partner & Executive Creative Director, Amusement Park
Jimmy Smith Chairman, CEO/CCO, Amusement Park
Jimmy Smith
Bootsy Collins
Ed Collins
Jon Gothold
Mike Weisman
Tuesday 9/29
10:00 AM
In the Company of Friends: The New Media Company of One + Many
Hard Rock
Top influencers and brand leaders on authenticity, the rise of technology and how to best to engage women at scale.
Samantha Skey CRO & CMO, SheKnows Media
Tricia Nichols Brand Partnership Lead, GAP
Carole Diarra Vice President, U.S. Marketing, L’Oréal
Kim Holderness Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Greenroom Communications
Jill Griffin Senior Vice President, Managing Director, LiquidThread USA, a division of Starcom Mediavest Group
Jill Griffin
Samantha Skey
Carole Diarra
Tricia Nichols
Kim Holderness
7:45 AM
AWNY's 2015 Leadership Breakfast: Transformational Leadership Harnessing the Velocity of Change
New York Times
Transformational leadership has never been more critical than it is in today’s fast-paced, technology-powered world. Every business across every sector is undergoing tremendous change--and so are their consumers and workforces.
Hear from top leaders on how they deliver on this imperative, driving success in our world of constant and rapid-fire evolution.
Laura Desmond Global CEO, Starcom Mediavest Group
Meredith Verdone SVP, Enterprise, Consumer and Global Wealth & Investment Management, Bank of America
Angela Lee Assistant Dean & Founder and CEO, Columbia Business School & 37 Angels
Emily Steel Media Journalist, The New York Times
Pam El EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, National Basketball Association
Laura Desmond
Meredith Verdone
Emily Steel
Pam El
Angela Lee
Wednesday 9/30
7:45 AM
AWNY's Media Insights Breakfast: Selling to the "Always-On" Consumer
New York Times
Fundamental differences in the shopping and media habits of generations have made it clear that the days on one-size-fits-all marketing are long gone. This panel discusses how successful marketers are using consumer insights to create targeted strategies and niche offers that reach each generation when, where and how they prefer.
Emily Steel Media Journalist, The New York Times
Brian Gleason Managing Director, North America, Xaxis
Molly Peck Director of Marketing, Buick at General Motors
Kristi Argyilan Senior Vice President, Media and Guest Engagement, Target
Sarah Power Chief Strategy Officer, Initiative
Kristi Argyilan
Sarah Power
Brian Gleason
Emily Steel
Molly Peck
Thursday 10/1
7:45 AM
AWNY's Media Insights Breakfast: Large and Nimble: How Large Brands Remain Innovative and Disruptive
New York Times
It's critical for marketing innovation to sync with customer experience and expectations, even though expectations are in constant motion. Smaller companies are widely seen as the hotbed for disruption and creators of the next best thing. For the larger brands, what does it take to respond nimbly to market trends and remain innovative?
This panel will discuss how some of the most respected, established brands successfully drive new approaches to stay current and responsive, and how they overcome roadblocks to innovate.
Denise Karkos Chief Marketing Officer, TD Ameritrade
Sylvie Schnaier Director of Global Partnerships, Johnson & Johnson
Berta De Pablos Vice President of Marketing, Mars Chocolate North America
Kavita Vazirani SVP of Media Strategy & Science, Comcast Cable
Berta De Pablos
Sylvie Schnaier
Denise Karkos
Kavita Vazirani
10:00 AM
The Holding Company Disruptors
Lucille's at B.B. King
Join Jon Bond and his guests as they discuss the new model holding companies emerging, and why they have the potential to “Uberize” the world of marketing services.
Terry Kawaja Founder and CEO, LUMA Partners
Jon Bond Chief Tomorroist, Tomorro LLC
Nathalie Tadena Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
Terry Kawaja
Nathalie Tadena
Jon Bond
Monday 9/28
9:00 AM
Advertising Week Marketing Academy
The Lambs Club
Jim Stengel, former Procter & Gamble Global CMO, leads a highly personalized, curated experience for CMO's and senior marketing leaders.

This two-day Academy features uniqure speakers, facilitated discussion sessions and peer-to-peer learning -- a powerful, career-enhancing marketing education opportunity.

By invitation only.

Gordon Bowen Founder, Chairman, and Chief Creative Officer, mcgarrybowen
Mark D'Arcy Chief Creative Officer, Facebook
Elizabeth Harz President, Media, ADARA
Lisa Gersh CEO, Goop
Eric Hippeau Managing Director, Lerer Hippeau Ventures
Nick Law Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA
Keith Reinhard Chairman Emeritus, DDB
David Shing Digital Prophet, AOL
Jim Stengel President & CEO, The Jim Stengel Company
Suzanne Tosolini Senior Consultant, Jim Stengel Company
Eric Hippeau
Lisa Gersh
Gordon Bowen
Elizabeth Harz
Keith Reinhard
Nick Law
Suzanne Tosolini
Jim Stengel
Mark D'Arcy
David Shing
Thursday 10/1
3:00 PM
Both Head and Heart
Getty Images Stage at B.B. King
Why understanding the fluid intersection of emotion and rationality is key to connecting with ethnic consumers. A conversation and exhibition on the emotional and rational mindsets of multicultural consumers.

Special Appearance by Aarona Lopez, Cast member, Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out and Creator/Host, The Velvet Circus
Monique Nelson Chair & CEO, UWG
Aarona Lopez Cast Member, Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out
Jeff Yang SVP, The Futures Company
Monique Nelson
Jeff Yang
Aarona Lopez
Wednesday 9/30
12:00 PM
CEO Connectors Presented by AT&T AdWorks
Times Center Stage
More than ever before, today's leaders must be connected. Connected to consumers, fans, clients, colleagues and managers, content partners, creativity, mobile, and social platforms. An extraordinary group of change agents on the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly evolving culture.
Maria Mandel Dunsche VP, Head of Marketing, AT&T AdWorks
Pete Cashmore CEO & Founder, Mashable
Bethenny Frankel CEO & Founder, SkinnyGirl
Lori Hiltz CEO, Havas Media North America
Jon Steinberg CEO, Daily Mail North America
Mark Thompson President & CEO, The New York Times Company
Rick Welday President, AT&T AdWorks
Jon Steinberg
Lori Hiltz
Pete Cashmore
Bethenny Frankel
Rick Welday
Mark Thompson
Maria Mandel Dunsche
Thursday 10/1
3:00 PM
The World's Most Important Campaign
Times Center Stage
193 countries around the world have agreed on the United Nations' Global Goals for the next 15 years. Find out how the UN, celebrities and global agencies are activating people around the world to change it by creating the world's most important campaign; a 15 year global communications strategy. The task of bettering the world is bigger than any of us but it’s smaller than all of us. Learn how you can become a huge part of it.
Daniel Thomas Director of Communications, The United Nations General Assembly
Jason Harris President/CEO, Mekanism
Sergio Fernández de Córdova Co-Founder & Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation
Jakob Trollbäck Founder & CCO, Trollbäck + Company
Jakob Trollbäck
Jason Harris
Sergio Fernández de Córdova
Daniel Thomas
Monday 9/28
1:30 PM
The Location Summit
ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall
With the massive global adoption of mobile in recent years, there is a significant shift in how these devices impact our daily lives. At the core of this ongoing shift is location. Both consumers and marketers are leveraging location to connect their online and offline experiences.
Dipanshu Sharma Founder & CEO, xAd
Learn why delivering location targeting with precision and scale is the new gold standard in mobile marketing and beyond. Hear from industry leaders who are successfully leveraging location to better connect with their consumers and achieve tangible ROI.
Brandon Starkoff VP, Global Strategy, xAd
Dan Bruinsma SVP Director, Starcom
Malene Sam Director, Mobile Media Solutions, CBS Interactive
Travis Johnson Global President, Ansible
A peek behind the curtain and visibility into confidential levers being pulled on behalf of clients. You'll learn how brand marketers and agencies are creating differentiated and competitive strategies that successfully find and connect with their target consumer in the right place and at the right time.
Domenic Venuto General Manager, AdFX, The Weather Company
Leading edge marketers and technologists share how location technologies unlock the key to connecting on and offline behavior
Jason Uechi Director of Engineering and Data Science, YP Mobile Labs
Julie Levin CMO, Publicis Worldwide North America
Tom Kenney President & Chief Innovation Officer, Verve Mobile
Brent Hieggelke Chief Mobile Evangelist, Urban Airship
Michael Rosen VP of Sales, Foursquare
Dan Bruinsma
Dipanshu Sharma
Domenic Venuto
Jason Uechi
Malene Sam
Travis Johnson
Brandon Starkoff
Julie Levin
Michael Rosen
Tom Kenney
Brent Hieggelke
Tuesday 9/29
11:45 AM
What Marketers Who Know Mobile Marketing Don’t Want You to Know
Liberty Theater
What does Walmart, Coke, Unilever, MasterCard and AT&T really know about Mobile Marketing, what proof do they have, and what are they really doing about it. But equally important, what does it take to be great at Mobile Marketing. Based on a $2 million research project (AKA SMoX) that was initiated over 2 years ago, and just recently made public, developed by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the trade group for marketers who think mobile matters to their future.
Greg Stuart President/CEO, Mobile Marketing Association
Tom Daly Global Group Director, Mobile, The Coca-Cola Company
Michael Donnelly SVP, Group Head Global Digital Mktg, Mastercard
Tom Daly
Michael Donnelly
Greg Stuart
4:00 PM
The Latino Spring
Times Center Stage
In recent weeks, CNN has dubbed the powerful political mobilization by the Latino community the “Latino Spring.”But this burgeoning demographic has a power that extends beyond politics. And as their influence on and in America’s industries grows, so too should our conversations about Latinos. Join J. Walter Thompson Company in a roundtable discussion with some of the biggest Latino power players in media and entertainment today, about how brands can better understand and represent the powerful Latino market in the U.S.
Gustavo Martinez Worldwide Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, J. Walter Thompson Company
Roberto Marques North America EVP & President , Mondelēz International
Jeff Valdez President, Valdez Productions
Lynda Lopez Journalist, Writer, Newsradio Anchor, WCBS 880
Frances Negrón-Muntaner Director of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity & Race and the Media & Idea Lab, Columbia University
Frances Negrón-Muntaner
Gustavo Martinez
Lynda Lopez
Roberto Marques
Jeff Valdez
Wednesday 9/30
2:00 PM
Disruptive Brand Positioning
Nasdaq MarketSite
Brands who win, win through the combination of skillful execution, clear value proposition and the ambition to take calculated risks. This Nasdaq panel focuses on some of the most disruptive brands, and how their positioning strategy yielded a presence that speaks volumes among their customers and target audiences.
Brian Colbert CRO,
John Avlon Co-Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Beast
Chris Thorne Chief Marketing Officer, The Honest Company
Sean Clark Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer ,
Jeremy Skule Chief Marketing Officer, Nasdaq
Jeremy Skule
Chris Thorne
John Avlon
Brian Colbert
Sean Clark
Tuesday 9/29
3:00 PM
Can brands use technology and digital media to create popular culture, rather than cultural pollution?
Nasdaq MarketSite
With the rise of digital media and technology, brands now have a greater capacity to influence culture. With this comes a big responsibility, how will brands react? Will they add cultural pollution to the world or raise the standard and add value to the moment? Hear what people from all parts of the content creation ecosystem have to say about their role in creating culture.
Chris Copeland CEO, GroupM Next
William Lunderman VP, Global Design, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Peter Minnium President, US, Ipsos Connect
Ambarish Mitra CEO & Founder, Blippar
Anjula Acharia Bath Partner, Trinity Ventures
Aki Spicer Director of Digital Strategy and Content Planning, TBWAChiatDay New York
Peter Minnium
Chris Copeland
Anjula Acharia Bath
Aki Spicer
William Lunderman
Ambarish Mitra
Thursday 10/1
2:00 PM
Your Burning Marketing Questions…Answered!
Nasdaq MarketSite
This session is all about you — and the marketing questions you want answered.

Ask the questions you’ve been dying to ask in the #AWXII app or at

Your question could be answered by a panel of A-list marketers, including Jim Stengel, former P&G CMO, Alex Amado, VP, Experience Marketing, Adobe, Kelley Maves, VP, Data Solutions, VivaKi — and leading marketing practitioners. Allison Arden, Ad Age Publisher, leads this dynamic conversation, curated by…you!
Allison Arden Publisher, Ad Age
Alex Amado VP, Experience Marketing, Adobe
Kelley Maves SVP, Data Solutions & Product Management, VivaKi
Jim Stengel President & CEO, The Jim Stengel Company
Jim Stengel
Kelley Maves
Allison Arden
Alex Amado
Wednesday 9/30
4:00 PM
Bloomberg is Disruption
Hard Rock
Disruption is everywhere as brands battle for time and focus of distracted consumers. How are today's leaders and image shapers breaking through to win hearts, minds and market share?
Paul Sweeney U.S. Director of Research, Senior Analyst–Media & Internet, Bloomberg Intelligence
Lucien Boyer President & Global CEO, Havas Sports & Entertainment
Trevor Fellows Head of Global Advertising Sales, The Wall Street Journal
Don Kennedy President, Advertiser Platforms, AOL
Paul Liberman COO & Co-Founder, DraftKings
Kathleen Saxton Founder & CEO, The Lighthouse Company
Paul Sweeney
Kathleen Saxton
Lucien Boyer
Trevor Fellows
Paul Liberman
Don Kennedy
Tuesday 9/29
09:00 AM
Connecting in a Mobile World
Times Center Stage
The rise of mobile usage has had a huge impact on the advertising industry. Hear from leading brands on how they’re evolving their businesses for mobile.
9:00 AM
The rise of mobile usage has had a huge impact on the advertising industry. Hear from leading brands on how they’re evolving their businesses for mobile.
Kasha Cacy U.S. President, UM
Will Platt-Higgins Vice President, Global Account Partnerships, Facebook
Tony Prentice Vice President, Mobile Products and Payments, American Express
Chris Thorne Chief Marketing Officer, The Honest Company
10:00 AM
The world is mobile. People today spend more time on digital than TV, driven by mobile growth. It's the fastest adoption of communication technology in history. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, joins Bloomberg's Josh Tyrangiel for a conversation about what this shift means for people, businesses, and media.
Sheryl Sandberg Chief Operating Officer, Facebook
Josh Tyrangiel Chief Content Officer, Bloomberg LP
Sheryl Sandberg
Tony Prentice
Kasha Cacy
Josh Tyrangiel
Will Platt-Higgins
Chris Thorne