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Advertising Week is the premier global gathering of advertising, marketing, brand and technology professionals. Now in five global markets, Advertising Week reaches a majority of the world’s most influential agencies and marketers and brings them together to share ideas and help move the industry forward.
The world’s premier gathering of marketing and communication leaders
Established in 2004, Advertising Week is a global thought leadership platform featuring the industry’s best and brightest. Advertising Week combines inspiring thought leaders with engaging special events and year-round content. Advertising Week draws from the brand, agency, technology, startup, media and broader cultural communities, focusing on key conversations designed to drive the business forward and influence the global industry.
a week long assembly of the industry's best and brightest thought leaders.
a dedicated forum for elite brand marketers, creative visionaries and dynamic media leaders and influencers to share wisdom and success, and pave the way forward.
an immersive, accessible experience for the industry which is uplifting.
and creates excitement to both engage the present and inspire the future.
a springboard to create growth, attract and nurture talent and generate success.
a positive platform while not "delusional" to the challenges and trials of today, this is very much about something positive.

Advertising Week Thought Leadership

Submission Deadlines

Round 1 Round 2
AWLATAM 14 November 2019 17 January 2020
AWEurope 14 November 2019 24 January 2020
AWAfrica 13 January 2020 6 March 2020
AWAsia 24 January 2020 24 March 2020
AWAPAC 24 April 2020 26 June 2020
AWNewYork 6 April 2020 8 June 2020

We accept good ideas all year round, and our Content Review Board looks forward to reading your submissions. Please include your contact information and fill in the fields for either a speaker or seminar application.

If you want to guarantee that your submission will be considered, please submit by our first deadline. Second deadline submissions are considered after we have put together the program to see if there are any outstanding last-minute entries.

We will reach out to you if there is a fit for this year's program. Thanks for your interest in Advertising Week Thought Leadership!

2020 Programming Guidelines

Please choose the market you are interested in presenting or speaking at from the list below.


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