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Over 190,000 new migrants arrive in Australia each year, but much of the media coverage we hear about new Australians is negative. This study looks at the first 5 years of the new migrant experience, the discrimination they face their hopes for the future and how they are influenced by their community.

Conducted in partnership with independent research agency Pollinate, Calling Australia Home continues the thought leadership research journey that SBS has been undertaking since 2013, examining how Australians feel about ourselves and the country we live in.

We spoke to over 1,000 new Australians in their language of choice and asked them about why they came to Australia, their experiences as a new Australian and their hopes and expectations for the future. As a point of comparison, we also spoke to 600 'natural born' Australians to compare how they measure up to new migrants, revealing some insights that will challenge long-held stereotypes about what it means to be an Australian. View Less

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  1. New migrant Australians are better educated, wealthier and more ambitious than you think
  2. Migrants crave a sense of belonging and feel that they are poorly depicted in media
  3. Spending patterns evolve as migrants become more established

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John Turnbull Brand Partnerships Strategy Manager SBS Media

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