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Welcome to “Janes of Digital”, a platform for conversation and community across a variety of thought provoking topics around diversity & inclusion. Janes is a forum and a platform to raise up the voices of women in our industry – and the men and allies who support them. This discussion will touch upon the empowered workforce, enabling career growth, and setting oneself up for success in the future. 

In this specific track at AdWeek APAC, we will be covering Empathy and Allyship as a theme to address how we are moving forward with encouraging women in diverse work spaces to achieve more and to be more empowered. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Empowered workforce
  2. Empathy and Ally-ship
  3. The importance of diversity in the workplace

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Amna Karra-Hassan Founder Auburn Giants
Holly Stephens Founder Triangles
Steven Worrall Managing Director Microsoft

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Diversity 

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