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We live in an attention economy where everything is nano-paced. In a brave new martech world, we measure things because we can, not because we should. It can take our eye off the long game, which is hard to measure in comparison. Add to that shorter CMO tenures and bonuses based on immediate response and well, you’ve got a melting pot where brand is being burnt.

Our panel will debate and offer up advice and examples on how to save your brand and company from myopic planning.

Encoding into memory is fraught. It is all the more critical given pixelated pathways to brand and its experiences. The pursuit of growth at all costs and short-termist tactics only serve to fuel this problem. Building brands isn’t a race especially when we tune out after 10 or so seconds, hec 3 seconds in mobile. How do you build brand in a world when our minds are Teflon?

The age old theories of brand equity, trust, the value of the ‘intangible asset’ on the balance sheet is garnering a revival through the likes of Byron Sharp, Peter Field and Les Binet, even McKinsey, who reinforce that brands (and sustainable businesses) are built over time.

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  1. How do CMOs and agencies who buy into long-termism influence CEOs and their boards to give them the time and space to build equity and ultimately growth?
  2. What are the tools, measures, cases studies and the chats we need to have to ensure that the cult of short-termism doesn’t starve brands?
  3. How can we cost-effectively deploy geared planning to ensure we’re building equity for long term growth and resilience whilst delivering results?
  4. What are the cultural changes in business that are required to cultivate an environment for CMOs to keep their eye on the long game?


Steve McArdle Managing Director BMF
Christina Aventi Executive Planning Director and Gruen Panellist BMF
Mark Ritson Adjunct Professor and Industry Commentator Melbourne Business School
Rita Harding Executive Director, Marketing & Campaigns Transport for NSW
Karen Halligan Director, Media Value Advisory KPMG Australia

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