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The term 'content is king' is still as relevant today as when Bill Gates coined it in 1995. But how are consumer trends changing the way content is created, distributed and viewed?

Hear from Australia's leading content and programming experts on the latest trends, and how brands can get their messages into every form of TV. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What the trends are in Australian & global video content consumption
  2. How different types of content work across FTA, BVOD, STV, SVOD
  3. How brands can get their messaging into all different forms of video

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Ian Hogg
Brook Hall Head of Scheduling Seven Network
Hamish Turner Program Director Nine
Beverley McGarvey Chief Content Officer Network Ten
Brian Walsh Executive Director of Television Foxtel

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Event Type Seminar

Related Topic Area  Creativity & Arts 

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