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The evolution of mobile and social consumer behaviour has created a unique set of challenges for marketers looking to create meaningful, connected brand experiences without sacrificing marketing dollars in the process.

This session explores how marketers are leveraging authentic partnerships that reach and provide value to the connected and discerning consumer whilst meeting acquisition goals.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How partnerships can help you establish a more authentic consumer connection
  2. Examples of best in class programs to inspire your next partnership
  3. How to use enabling technology to inform and optimize your partnerships

Presented with


Adam Furness Managing Director, APAC Impact
Lucy Wadsworth Director of Marketing and Partnerships PlayersVoice
Nathan Crook General Manager, Marketing Ticketmaster
John Matthews Director of Customer Acquisition KayoSport

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Event Type Seminar

Related Topic Area  Creativity & Arts   Tech   Culture 

Similar Interests  Content   Design   Mobile   Entertainment 

Track  Brand Innovation 

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