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As Australian attitudes and values change it's clear that TV’s role as a cultural influencer has never been more important. TV shines a light on a broad range of issues; from mental health to gender equality in drama story lines to news reports each week. Join a panel of TV industry leaders as they discuss television’s place as a cultural cornerstone and the important role TV plays in giving a voice to the changing palette of issues affecting Australians.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The questions to ask yourself when you’re making content to ensure it will be inclusive
  2. How to ensure the communities you are representing are consulted during the production of diverse content
  3. Why is TV uniquely placed to speak to cultural and community issues?

Presented with


Sarah Thornton Head of Popular Factual Network 10
Julie McGauran Head of Drama Seven Network
Adrian Swift Head of Content Production and Development Nine
Ross Crowley Director of Content Foxtel
Kim Portrate CEO ThinkTV

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Related Topic Area  Creativity & Arts   Tech   Business   Culture 

Similar Interests  Storytelling   Content   Video   Diversity   Transparency   Politics 

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