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Marketing to men and women is in full flux - is the macho Australian male ready to retire from our screens?

We want to unpick the stereotypes, shine a light on the new trends that resonate with the modern Australian male, and expose the insights that Coles & other brands have used to win in new ways with men.

During the session we’ll also explore where masculinity and gender in advertising is evolving and how to keep up with new social norms.

We’ll provide a few trends that resonate with Australian men and clues on how to appeal to them effectively.

Through a number of examples, we’ll extract key learnings from the brands that are leading the revolution. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What trends truly stand out for Australian men. Clues on how to resonate today.
  2. Where masculinity and gender in advertising are evolving and how to keep up with new social norms.
  3. Key learnings from the brands leading the revolution.

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Meabh Quoirin Co-owner & CEO Foresight Factory
Lisa Ronson Chief Marketing Officer Coles

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