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McDonald's and its long-standing agency DDB will take the stage at Advertising Week to divulge their secret recipe to a 45+ year relationship in adland. McDonald's director of marketing Jo Feeney and DDB MD of strategy and innovation Leif Stromnes will discuss how to make the client/agency marriage work and manage difficult conversations, creativity and the keys to a long-term relationship in an evolving industry.

McDonald's and its long-standing DDB will take to the stage in an exclusive session. There is no doubt that McDonald’s and DDB have an enduring relationship, one steeped in history while firmly focused on the future. Working together for more than 45 years, they’ve been through highs and not so highs of campaigns, but the one thing that always stays strong is their relationship.

At the start of 2017 DDB supersized its McDonald’s relationship, winning Leo Burnett’s share of the account and becoming Maccas’ main advertising agency. Speakers Leif Stromnes and Jo Feeney will talk about how to make the marriage work, touching on honesty, creativity and the keys to their long-term success. View Less

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  1. How to make a client/agency marriage work
  2. How to create a long-term partnership in a short-term industry
  3. How to manage conflict in a healthy way

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Jo Feeney Director of Marketing McDonald's
Leif Stromnes Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation DDB

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