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Over the years as marketers & society at large, we have all learnt a fundamental human truth.:we have a responsibility to do better on the planet. The notion of purpose has grown as corporates start to make the connection between doing good and linking that to commercial outcomes.

How can we measure the value of purpose? Our new metric called ‘Net Purpose Impact’ measures the public's opinion on whether or not a brand/company is 'making the world a better place'. Whether they’re 'Doing Well' or 'Doing Good'.

Recently, both the corporate & start-up world, have started to focus on the need to do good. The fastest movers and best known from Patagonia to Toms have built a business from the ground up that is designed to do improve the planet. These are usually founder-led.

Established corporates have started to wake up to purpose being at their core rather than just a box-ticking CSR activity. The new Unilever CEO just announced that “we will dispose of brands that we feel are not able to stand for something more important than just making your hair shiny or your skin soft, your clothes white or your food tastier.”

The reality is that for purpose to be taken seriously by corporates two fundamental changes need to happen. First we need to be able to measure purpose in the same way we can measure NPS because then we can link it to the language of the CFO & shareholders.

At the same time, we need to redefine capitalism so it drives a circular economy & changes consumption.

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  1. History of purpose and a clear definition
  2. How to create a purpose proposition
  3. How to measure purpose and what it means?

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Vijay Solanki Chief Consultant The B'old Intern

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