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In the year 2000 brand advertising represented 61% of ad spend; in 2018 it was just 46% and it continues to shrink. This trend is despite evidence that the most effective balance of long-term and short-term marketing hasn't changed. So why is this happening? And how can businesses break out of this vicious cycle of funnel draining, in turn diminishing the effectiveness and lowering the return on marketing investment?

Join the Financial Times who will talk you through their latest research, conducted with the IPA, into the organisational drivers of this marketing short-termism and for a discussion on how marketers can make the case for investment in brands. View Less

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  1. Examine the underlying causes for the marketing investment shift from long-term brand-building to shorter-term direct response campaigns
  2. To uncover important findings given from the joint research by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and the FT, ''The Board-Brand Rift''
  3. An in-depth industry debate about whether businesses are using the optimal mix between long- and short-term marketing

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David Buttle Global Marketing Director, Commercial Financial Times
Lisa Ronson Chief Marketing Officer Coles
Toby Harrison Chief Strategy Officer Ogilvy

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