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The Advertising Week Asia Creative Academy is an exciting, one-day opportunity for creative people to come together and experience a powerful and unique education opportunity highlighting creativity, content, and marketing. Yasumichi Oka, Seijo Kawaguchi, Taku Tada, Tetsuro Aso (co-founders) of Tugboat, will give participants a highly personalized, curated course at Advertising Week Asia featuring unique speakers, facilitated discussion sessions and peer-to-peer learning.

Subjects include: "Tiny versus Mighty" & "Diversity of Art Directors" - panel sessions with special guest including Kentaro Kimura, Co-Founder/Hakuhodo Kettle. Tugboat's Creative Director, Taku Tada, leads a workshop on what it’s like to be a CM planner for 25 years.


Seijo Kawaguchi Art Director / Co-founder TUGBOAT
Taku Tada Creative Director / CM Planner / Co-Founder TUGBOAT
Tetsuro Aso Copy Writer / CM Planner / Co-Founder TUGBOAT
Yasumichi Oka Co-Founder/CEO/Creative Director TUGBOAT

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