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As per its corporate message, LINE has been “closing the distance” between people, and has revolutionized the means of communication.

Going forward, LINE’s ambition is to further close the distance between users, businesses and services by expanding its LINE account features, and making its messaging API freely available for LINE Beacon and bot development, in hopes of creating a world that builds better relationships.

In achieving this goal, one of LINE’s main tactics is Official Web Apps, externally developed web services that allow users to access a multitude of services using just the main LINE app and their LINE account, without the hassle of additionally installing and registering to affiliate apps and services.

Creating a seamless experience - from attracting customers to inducing action and improving repeat rates, all on the LINE app – will certainly improve the precision of product recommendations, promote better use of CRM, reduce labor costs, and help to resolve many other marketing challenges.

This workshop will tackle questions such as how messaging apps will or will not change modern ways of business as well as relationships between businesses and users. Furthermore, the different ways to exploit LINE’s features to offer services to users faster, better, and in more entertaining ways will be discussed.

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Tomohiko Taniguchi Technology Strategy Department, Platform Business Planning Team Manager LINE Corporation

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