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Now enhancing the quality of training for athletes with data analysis has become common, many sports program producers are more and more keen as to how they can better utilize technology to provide a richer experience to viewers. The improved technology has made us possible to access information that are not available before.

For instance now we can follow details of how the player move and we can even analyze strategy of particular team. When such information we've never knew is visualized, how should we evolve the sports program? In addition to introduce some current efforts of TV Asahi, we will discuss about the future of sports program with guest speakers. View Less

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Ichiro Kitao Deputy Director-General, Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Enterprise Division Panasonic
Aya Terakawa Swimming original Japan representative Mizuno
Kazuma Sato Co-Director, Program Production, Sports Production Center tv asahi
Kazuki Mizuide Media Planning & Development Department tv asahi

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