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For the longest time, the word has been that advertising is no longer effective, yet ineffective advertisements continue to saturate the media. A reason for this may be the lack of “media point of view” among advertisers.

Effective media is based on a relationship of trust between advertisers and consumers. When advertisers promise to communicate a certain message and fail to do so, it does not take long for them to fade into obscurity. It’s hard to get someone’s attention when you’ve broken their trust.

Likewise, even though they are both fundamentally a means of communicating information, sometimes there are “common sense” practices in media that are not common in the advertising world.

This workshop will look at how LINE NEWS and NAVER Matome, services with millions of readers, create advertisements, and discuss how to create advertisements that “induce action” in the current smartphone era.

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Kazuki Sakuragawa Senior Manager, Media Service Department LINE Corporation

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