Yoichi Ochiai

Media Artist, PhD (Applied Computer Science), Assistant Professor at University of Tsukuba, Principle Investigator of Digital Nature Group. Born 1987 in Tokyo. He is on the committee of Information Processing Society of Japan. He is interested in the field of real world oriented computer graphics and new media art composed of mixture of new media and classic technologies. He was technical paper author of SIGGRAPH and selected artist of SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. He received the Super Creator Title from IPA and METI, Grand Prix of LAVAL VIRTUAL AWARD, Best paper Award from ACE, Springer, Best Demo Award from EUROHAPTICS, Japan Manifest Award, World Technology Award (by TIME&Fortune) and awarded & nominated in many competitions. His research projects were selected in the best of SIGGRAPH 2014′s technical papers(By CGCHANNEL) and the Best video 2012 (by Newscientist). He was featured on BBC, Discovery channel, AP, Reuters, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Russia 1 and over 100 famous web/magazine
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