Shuhei Akahoshi

In 1998, Shuhei Akahoshi began working at an advertising agency. There he managed sponsor marketing for the Asian Football Confederation and other soccer events, as well as international exchange events between Japan and France.
In 2005, he was sent on assignment to serve in the secretariat of the organizing committee of the
Japan China 35 Year Anniversary Exchange Project. In 2007, he launched the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s luxury travel research group and served on its secretariat.
Subsequently, he also managed consulting and production work concerning inbound tourism and MICE for organizations such as the Japan Tourism Agency and Kyoto City
In March of 2012, he left the agency and that April he started working in his current position, managing the general destination marketing and promotion for inbound tourism and MICE in Kyoto City. He has also served as the instructor for the Kyoto tourism management class from 2013 - 2015.
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