Tariq Mahmoud

Tariq is Head of Strategy & Execution for AOL’s business divisions outside the US. He’s passionate about the constantly changing digital media and technology space. Traditional media content and advertising are too complicated: there are too many players doing too many things. Innovative ways at disrupting this industry by simplifying it will ultimately win. He wants to be part of this change.

As part of the AOL International team, which powers AOL’s strategy, sales, content, and operations businesses across all AOL's assets outside the US, Tariq works on critical operational and strategic initiatives in AOL Brands (including our O&O properties Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, Makers, etc.) and AOL Platforms (ONE Video, ONE Display, Microsoft sales, ONE Marketplace, Video, and more).

Tariq leads and manages expansion into new markets, streamlines internal operational processes, develops business partnerships, analyzes relevant global trends, and plans new product development. All in full collaboration with the relevant local functional teams.

Prior to joining this team, Tariq worked in AOL's US-based GSD Strategy & Operations group. Before this, he was a management consultant for Oliver Wyman, where he worked across a number of industries, primarily in the turnaround and strategic vision space.

Tariq graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics and Political Science.
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