Teruyuki Yoshida

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1969. Joined NHK in 1993. NHK Enterprise Program Development Division Executive Producer. He actively focuses on entertainment programs. Iin 2004 planned very popular hit drama "Salaryman NEO", after that he was in charge of directing all series. While popular as an unconventional program, Tanita 's company meal, the first infiltration of Google headquarters as a Japanese television program, pulled Carlos Ghosn of Nissan to the comedy act, etc, became a hot topic. In 2011 he was the screenwriter / director of "Theater version salaried man NEO (laugh)". 35th / 36th International Emmy Awards Comedy Division Nomination (only in Japan). From the spring of 2013, in an unusual "rental transfer", he is in charge of directing a continuous television novel "Ama-chan". In recent years, he has worked on comedy, drama production such as "Shimura next door", "Uncle cave", "Fuji family", "Prison island"

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