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In a world where video thrives, it’s important to understand the different types of
content and the platforms in which people watch it. TV still leads as the preferred
screen but you can now watch TV across all devices, and most people are viewing on
Historically, UGC was the main driver of video online but brands and content
producers now recognise the real engagement and scale video can drive online.

With so much investment by broadcasters and producers in polished content, there is no doubt they need a premium environment beyond their own channel to drive additional revenue, audience and of course a return on investment.
While Netflix and others have taken a subscription route, AOL has gone down the ad
funded road to make great video available across its own and thousands of publisher
sites. TV and online should be viewed as one experience the pipes to deliver great
visual content – this is the final march to convergence for premium video. With TV
audiences converging online, isn't it only natural the spend will follow?
Introduction by Graham Moysey, Head of International AOL
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Steve Anglesey Head Of Digital Development Trinity Mirror Digital
David Graham Head of Digital Strategy Havas Media
Graham Moysey Head of International AOL
Andy Taylor Co Founder and CEO Little Dot Studio

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