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How many times has a response from a client or an organisation started with these five, heart sinking words?

It’s easy to create barriers to innovation because transformational thinking can seem like too much hard work, feel too uncomfortable, be inconvenient and prove too difficult to translate from flipcharts and presentations into our everyday working lives. Conversely, we operate in a world where genuine, disruptive innovation is quickly becoming the most important competitive advantage a company can wield. It is how the world’s smartest brands are fundamentally transforming the effectiveness of their business and the lives of their intended audience.

Drawing on their experience at the cutting edge of technology, creativity and media, Razorfish and Contagious will share their five-point plan to busting the barriers to innovation and overcoming the Trouble with transformation. View Less

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Daniel Bonner Global Chief Creative Officer Razorfish
Will Sansom Director Content and Strategy Contagious

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