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Join AppNexus and WARC for a research led workshop that explores how Programmatic is shaping the evolving relationship between buyers and sellers; and the implications this will have for the wider digital advertising ecosystem.

Most of the research and discussion around Programmatic is focused on the 'what' - dealing with definitions, growth rates and market sizing. But as Programmatic matures and is used more broadly across the digital advertising ecosystem, its time to start considering the 'why' and the 'how'.

This session will build on research in progress, exploring why some businesses are adopting Programmatic and why some are not. It will look at how people are being successful and how Programmatic is evolving to meet the differing needs of the total advertising ecosystem.

Attendees will be part of the research initiative, able to shape the outcome and share in the insights. View Less

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Nigel Gilbert VP Sales, EMEA AppNexus
David Tiltman Content Development Director WARC
Graham Wylie Marketing Director EMEA AppNexus

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Event Type Workshop

Track  Innovation 

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