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People increasingly consume live events with second screens distracting them; in the near future this attention will be captured by the broadcaster. The broadcaster will display information, derived from new data analytics (econometrics and machine learning) on new data streams (social media, online, fundamentals, etc.,) with the goal of increasing interaction (predictions or providing displays of support). This raw information is processed and fed back to the broadcast leading to more information and then interaction.

And, of course, all this takes an innovative backend (the data and analytics makes it accurate, but low latency makes it possible to be “part of the broadcast”) and innovative front-end design (it has to all mesh to provide a cutting edge user experience). Information leads to interaction, which leads to information, and it is all greased by innovation; watching sports is going to be whole new ballgame soon! Will conclude by showing you how this technology will completely disrupt everything about market intelligence.

After his talk, David Rothschild will take part in an onstage interview and Q&A with Daniel Nye-Griffiths. View Less

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Daniel Nye-Griffiths Contributing Editor WIRED
David Rothschild Economist Microsoft Research

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