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Ngens are one of Clear Channel’s audience ‘tribes’. Young, social, connected and passionate about their cities, Ngens are the future of the UK.
For the last 12 months Clear Channel has been working with some of the country’s biggest brands, holding in-depth conversations with Ngens through its unique audience insight community. Coinciding with the publication of a report based on the findings of the Ngen community, this innovative and interactive session provides a fascinating insight into this influential group.

The findings of our community will be published as a major report at AW Europe. The report provides an unparalleled insight into this influential and hard-to-reach audience.

This innovative and interactive session will share the report’s findings.


- How Ngens’values and attitudes change urban communities
- Their ambitions and hopes for the future
- How and why they spend
- How they really consume media
- How technology is changing their relationship with your brands

You’ll also find out how much the AW Europe audience really knows about the Ngens.
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