Tim Abraham

Tim is an industry veteran within the digital media vertical with 10 years of experience. His roles at Advertising.com, AOL and GroupM means he has first-hand experience of the Ad Network, Publisher and Agency parts of the ecosystem. Those roles have varied from thought leadership of in depth cookie-level analytics through to technology management of business intelligence deployments and from design and launch of media products to the UK market to design and approval of commercial rate card strategy publishers.

Most recently Tim’s focus at Xaxis (a part of WPPs media agency business, GroupM) has been on capturing and using cookie-based data for online behavioural advertising in a responsible, consensual and transparent fashion. The motivation for using cookie-based data in this way is to maximise relevance of creative for consumers in addition to providing incremental ROI to advertisers and publisher alike. Specifically Tim leads the development of Xaxis’ Audience and Data asset in EMEA.
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