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One of the country’s best known war correspondents, the journalist who broke Lance Armstrong’s story, Britain’s leading political blogger and troublemaker, the filmmaker behind some of the most explosive news stories of the past year and a star presenter from Channel 4’s flagship news programme. This explosive session takes no prisoners and will leave you with no doubt why investigative journalism can be the strongest medium to engage, captivate and thrill readers and viewers across the globe.

These five key players in modern investigative journalism are coming together to reveal what it takes to break a story that will change the world and to discuss whether news media can continue to support the cost, time and complexity that modern investigations require. The last few years have been something of a golden age for investigative journalism. Despite fears of a decline in the quality of modern reporting, the UK’s national newspapers have recently exposed government spying, parliamentary fraud, horrifying child abuse scandals and tax avoidance on an industrial scale. View Less

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Rageh Omaar International Affairs Editor ITV
Guido Fawkes Political blogger
Nicole Kleeman Producer Firecrest Films
Cathy Newman News presenter Channel 4 News
David Walsh Chief Sports Writer The Sunday Times

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