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Addressable advertising on broadcast TV is now a reality: you can show different ads to different households watching the same programme. After decades of TV being the near-exclusive preserve of the biggest firms, hundreds of ‘new to TV’ brands have used Sky AdSmart. Can national TV really be used effectively to target tens or hundreds of thousands of viewers, rather than millions? We look at the evidence so far, and then hear from the advertisers themselves in conversation with Lindsey Clay, CEO of Thinkbox.

Graeme Hutcheson, Head of Sky AdSmart at Sky Media, will kick off the session bringing everyone up to speed about addressable advertising and how it fundamentally changes the TV landscape.

He’ll explain briefly how it works, and will then give a variety of examples to illustrate addressable advertising in practice, as used by brands both local and global.

Then Lindsey Clay will interview and host a Q&A with Hannah Fisher from More Than and Lizi Riehl from Both have used AdSmart but in very different ways, which will a flavour of its flexibility and impact.

If you want to know the latest developments in the TV market, this is THE seminar to attend.
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Lindsey Clay CEO Thinkbox
Graeme Hutcheson Head of Sky AdSmart Sky

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