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Do “brand love” or “loyalty” really mean anything anymore? Do people really want a deep and meaningful relationship with your brand, or are they just after a quick fling? In this interactive session, HeyHuman will share their behavioural research that has uncovered that 75% of people define easyJet as a “friend with benefits”; 60% have a “secret fling” with McDonald’s and 70% still have a “special relationship” with the NHS.

In this interactive session Rupert Howell and Neil Davidson, share their behaviour focussed research and invite four marketing minds to share their experience of working with brands that have an ‘air of humanity’ about them.

Martin George shares his view on whether brands need deeper relationships with people, particularly as the Post Office cements itself as an essential public service brand at the cornerstone of the community.

Sharing insight from a financial services perspective, Dominic Grounsell, MORE TH>N, will share the intricacies of marketing a brand trying to claw back credibility in a sector of mistrust.

Carrie Longton of Mumsnet, shares her stories from a brand that has changed the way branded conversations take place.

Finally, Jo Livingston gives her account of ‘brand love.’ How do you garner this when your key asset, completes every sentence with the ‘f’ word?

Four differing viewpoints, but at the end of the day who would you get into bed with? View Less

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Rupert Howell Non-Exec Chairman HeyHuman
Neil Davidson Executive Planning Director HeyHuman
Martin George Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Post Office Ltd
Dominic Grounsell Global Digital Marketing Director Travelex
Jo Livingston Director freuds
Carrie Longton Co-Founder Mumsnet

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