Owen Sagness

Owen is responsible for Microsoft's online and advertising properties including Xbox, Skype, Bing, Windows 8.1 Ads in Apps, Windows Phone, Outlook.com and MSN.
Owen has a passion for digital – from a personal interest in new and emerging technologies to a professional focus on fusing creativity and technology to develop new experiences for consumers. Owen moved to the UK at the end of 2013, having previously been Vice President and General Manager, Advertising and Online for Microsoft Canada. He spent 17 years on the other side of the pond growing digital advertising revenue across Microsoft’s online and mobile portfolio.
Owen is committed to evolving the digital marketing industry in the UK and helping marketers understand and expose the opportunities only digital media can provide. Through collaboration between creative and media agencies, brands and publishers, he believes that deeper insights into online audiences allows for greater creativity and deep and ongoing consumer engagement – the kind of two-way dialogue that traditional push mediums can't match.
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