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Giving an employee time and space (and a bit of money) to work with a violence prevention nonprofit in Kenya? A menstrual pad manufacturer in Rwanda? A fortification bar in India? Grant Tudor, the founder of a global nonprofit incubated at his employer, shares what thinking differently about talent development could look like.

Developing people in the workplace isn\'t just the role of workshops and trainings. Some of the most exciting developments come when employees are given the space to do whatever they want -- however offbeat. At his former employer, Grant carved out space to explore unorthodox projects in different corners of the world; those experiences later mushroomed into Populist, a global marketing nonprofit. Today, Populist puts marketers to work solving social challenges on four continents, involving volunteer and low-bono talent from across the industry. In this session, he shares what he\'s learned from his own experience carving out \'passion space\', and implications for thinking differently about talent. View Less

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Marie-Claire Barker Chief Global Talent Officer MEC
Grant Tudor Founder Populist

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