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What can a hostage negotiator teach professional communicators about the art of persuasion? When lives depend on your ability to listen and communicate effectively, you quickly become an expert in influencing others. Hostage & crisis negotiation relies on listening to and identifying the values, beliefs and motivations of others in order to ethically impact the choices they make. In an industry that is all about communication, what can we learn from someone whose words can have extreme consequences?

Join NABS for a session that will help improve our abilities to lead, inspire, empathise, understand & persuade.

Richard Mullender, previously lead trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit, will be drawing on his experiences as a hostage negotiator, providing you with the tools to ensure a confident and consistent approach to challenging and sensitive situations, both in day-to-day business scenarios with clients and colleagues and in your personal life. View Less

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