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Some of the most innovative participants in the mobile gaming sector will be exploring how mobile gaming has now become the consumer gateway for companies that seek to evolve into multi-faceted entertainment businesses of the future. We have seen several companies capitalising on their initial app success by extending their influence far beyond the touchscreen and into multiple entertainment avenues.

Comscore’s 2015 US Mobile App Report showed us that total activity on smartphones and tablets accounted for 62 percent of digital media time spent. Mobile is indeed everything, and the sheer breadth of industries competing in the mobile space is testament to how much it has penetrated into every fibre of our life: advertising, shopping, banking, health, education, entertainment and gaming. It’s much more than just the device in our pockets.

The participants in this panel have seen their absorbing, innovative mobile games explode into some of the most downloaded apps worldwide, and these mobile gaming companies have capitalised on this phenomenal success, extending their influence beyond the touchscreen and into the silver screen, merchandise, video games, theme parks, even food and drink.

These are no longer simply 'mobile gaming' companies powering the app economy - with their deep expertise in mobile, they are evolving into entertainment companies of the future. View Less

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Mickey Elimelech Head of Marketing Space Ape Games
Steve Wing VP, Mobile & Marketplace, International Rubicon Project
Gonzague de Vallois SVP of Publishing Gameloft

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