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Hear first-hand what successful Growth Drivers do in practice, from a panel of admired business leaders including Kerris Bright CMO Virgin Media, Nathan Ansell Global Director M&S Loyalty, Customer Insights & Analytics, Pete Markey CMO Post Office and Hayley Spurling Group Client and Brand VP Brand Learning.
Discover growth-ready practices you can adopt based on the global Growth Drivers Study led by Brand Learning, including interviews with more than 70 CEOs, CMOs, and business leaders.

Are you ready for the new growth agenda?
In this age of the questioning employee, when disruption and agility are the currencies of growth, how do you create a growth-ready organisation?
Drawing on the global Growth Drivers Study, learn what the most successful Growth Driver companies do in practice to create a ‘growth-ready’ organisation, energised by involved employees, and fuelled by momentum driving leadership.
In this session our panel will share their insights and experiences about
- The 7 Hallmarks of Growth Drivers
- The tensions that Growth Drivers successfully straddle
- Growth-ready practices you can adopt
- Ideas for going beyond engagement to create an involved organisation
- How to be a Growth Driver leader
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Hayley Spurling Group Client and Brand VP Brand Learning
Nathan Ansell Director Loyalty Customer Insights & Analytics M&S
Kerris Bright CMO Virgin Media
Pete Markey CMO Post Office

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