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How to Lead a Creative Culture:
Learn how to access and listen to your subconscious and embed an innovative DNA into your business. Jim Lusty's larger than life impact comes from his wealth of knowledge and his energising and playful style. Prepare to leave feeling more creative, inspired and ready to make change.

Jim Lusty, Partner at Upping Your Elvis, specialists in creative leadership.

Jim will be talking at AdWeek about How to Lead a Creative Culture. Upping Your Elvis have worked with thousands of people and come to one conclusion; creative success comes from tapping your people’s innate genius and not from techniques and clever business processes. They are the disruptors; the tool to drive innovation, engagement and productivity. Jim joined Upping Your Elvis in 2011 to share his wealth of experience and has produced tangible returns on investment time and again for businesses such as Nike, Unilever, Diageo and ITV.

Jim has the unique and sought after ability to connect with people on an emotional as well as a strategic level. His talk will explain how to access and listen to your subconscious and embed a creative culture into your business. People will leave feeling more creative, energised and ready to make change. Once you discover these skills, good stuff will happen.

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Marie-Claire Barker Chief Global Talent Officer MEC
Jim Lusty Partner Upping Your Elvis

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