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Dutch Design is a world famous export product. Today, the Dutch leverage their creative skills in digital design. Five leading digital agencies from Amsterdam will show innovative digital ideas, online platforms, interactive experiences and eye poppin candy. Revealing the no-nonsense, typical design mentality that helps getting things done - with striking results.

These agencies will show why the Dutch approach is successful in digital projects. They will show their best work and talk about the Dutch design mentality behind it: not taking 'no' for an answer, crossing boundaries, being straightforward and being used to work with different cultures. Join this session to see cool work - and hear why Dutch Digital Design works well! View Less

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Keith Kornson Head of Design DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Nik Nieuwenhuijs Managing Director Code d'Azur
Max Pinas Creative Director TamTam
Ferdy Pullens Visual Designer Fabrique
Harm Wimmenhove Design Director MediaMonks

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