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As an incumbent business in any sector of any market in the world, if you're not thinking about how you can create disruption through digital innovation you'll very likely be a footnote in history within 5yrs.

Prof. Richard Foster of Yale university, predicts that by 2020 more than 350 of the SAP500 will be made up of companies you've not heard of yet.

Digital innovation has proven to be a catalyst for some of the most disruptive companies in the world today, enabling them to expand into adjacent industries that were previously beyond their reach.

As a business, how do you kickstart a culture of innovation and ensure it will accelerate exponentially?

R/GA’s Accelerator program has seen tremendous success in the last two years, receiving more than twice the average total funds raised compared to other Accelerators.

Join us to hear how brands like the LA Dodgers are partnering with R/GA to effect change for their brand, enabling them to disrupt their industry and the ecosystem that surrounds.

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James Temple VP MD Executive Creative Director EMEA R/GA London

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