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Copa 90 is the beating heart of football. A new media network providing the most complete way to consume our beautiful game. Without the fans, there is no football. But fans have been taken for granted.

Copa 90 has stepped in to resuscitate and revive football’s most important element. The audience is the engine room. Technology is our great facilitator. The fans are the driving force. We’re their global voice. This high octane seminar will reveal the secrets of football media in the modern era.

A perfect storm is happening in football.

Fans are the most important element of all, yet they’ve become ignored and feel disenfranchised with an overly commercial and homogenized game.

A once in a lifetime convergence of technology and consumer behavior drives the rise of the modern fan, who now have a chance of being heard louder than ever.

This new world football consumption is becoming a blueprint for creativity and marketing professionals to follow.

We’re all now inspired by Periscoped press conferences, the science of Snapchat pitch side, or simply finding human stories like ‘Messi kid’, and telling them at the speed of a meme.

Copa90 is changing the way the world eats, sleeps and drinks football. This session will lift the lid on how its done and what the future holds. View Less

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James Kirkham HEAD OF COPA90 Copa90

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