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Face it – most brands are irrelevant to most consumers.

The outstanding exceptions are brands who embed themselves in culture - engaging on things that people care about. How are these brands at the forefront of the zeitgeist? Where’s the evidence that culturally-connected brands grow quicker?
Learn from a new study that shows how successful brands thrive by delivering ‘cultural value’. Hear how our panellists have rethought talent, experience and innovation - investing in genuinely culture shaping activities.

Join us as we ask what it takes for a brand to define rather than follow culture? Can it be achieved at scale? How have the best-in-class brought to life their role in culture through experiences, communities, activism?

See what it really takes to switch a whole organisation on to culture and shift the dial on consumer love.
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Izzy Pugh Global Director – Cultural Insight & Semiotics Added Value
Alex Dimiziani Head of Marketing EMEA Airbnb
Nina Bibby Marketing & Consumer Director 02 (Telefonica UK)
Andrew Geoghegan Global Head of Consumer Planning Diageo
Tim Hulbert Managing Director, Group Head of Insight & Research Barclays

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