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For brands, storytelling has never been more important. Whether it's the ability to create emotional connections, create meaning & define a brand purpose, or simply defeat declining receptivity to old-style advertising, brands increasingly look to storytelling. But how does the digital age impact this? With the ability to provide multiple forms of content across multiple screens, the potential for brand storytelling has never been greater. In this panel, hosted by the Content Marketing Association, a group content experts will examine the most important issues:
- With so much 'content' noise out there, is storytelling still relevant?
- How does digital storytelling differ from analogue storytelling?
- What skills are required to tell brand stories in a digital age?
- Are brand stories best told and understood in a linear way, or can brands take a different approach, using different channels for different purposes?
- How important is platform selection?
- Which brands are doing View Less

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Dominic Mills CMA Consultant Editor CMA
Paul Adams Executive Client Officer iProspect
Simon Baker Head of Branded Content ITN Productions
Nick Bradley Commercial Director Factory Media
Tom Curtis Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising UK MediaCom
Nic McCarthy Content Director Seven

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