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It’s easy to talk about the glamorous, rewarding side of marketing. The brand extensions, the award-winning TV spots, the ads that go viral, the growth strategies that work, the marketing investments that create value. But, what about the uncomfortable truth? What’s not being talked about? It’s time for a real conversation. Join The Marketing Society’s host, Mark Earls, the Herdmeister as he interrogates marketing leaders who are prepared to tell the truth about marketing, and nothing but the truth.

Here’s an Adweek panel with a difference. Four opinionated marketing leaders from The Marketing Society who are prepared to tell the truth about marketing. Join our host, Mark Earls, aka, the Herdmeister as he asks the questions that never get asked about our industry. It’s time for a truthful debate about the difficult issues that no one likes talking about. What needs to be fixed? What’s bugging marketers today? What annoys them about agencies, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, other departments in their business? What’s the hardest thing they do? What are they most worried about? How can we get better? The Marketing Society will share its findings from a 24-hour global conversation with members all over the world where marketers spoke candidly about challenges. We’ll be encouraging you, the audience, to ask all those questions you always wanted to ask, but felt you couldn’t. This is where we have that real conversation about marketing. View Less

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Mark Earls Herdmeister Herd Consultancy
Dominic Grounsell Global Digital Marketing Director Travelex
Patricia Corsi Vice President Foods & Beverages UK & Ireland Unilever
Gemma Greaves Global Managing Director The Marketing Society
Keith Moor Chief Marketing Officer Santander
Mark Given Director of Communications Sainsbury's

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