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The long-predicted Over the Top (OTT) and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) world has arrived. While 2015 was a year of expansion and experimentation, with an increasingly crowded marketplace characterised by players jockeying for position, where will the industry go from here? Amidst this frenzy of activity, all participants in the value chain - pure- play OTT players, broadcasters, telcos, content companies, and advertisers – are facing more questions than answers.

• How much of the OTT TV/video consumption is additive to regular TV watching and how much is cannibalistic?
• Will OTT TV affect the supply of content on TV (broadcast and cable networks)? Is the supply going to go up or down in quantity or quality because of OTT TV/video? In which segments?
• As live TV audiences are shrinking, particularly amongst younger people, can TV advertising keep growing (as it has done over the past years)?
• What could be the turning point for TV advertising? When will TV advertising shrink or CPMs decline or will they even increase further? Which events could trigger changes in the direction of TV advertising?
• Which alternatives are advertising agencies developing for TV advertising? How do the alternatives differ in efficiency, effectiveness, cost, reach, richness of messages, etc.? Will these difference become smaller?
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Jeff Eales Director of Systems & Development Sky Media
Norm Johnston Global Chief Strategy & Digital Officer Mindshare WW
Tom De Groeve European Media & Entertainment Practice Leader PwC's Strategy&
Steve Plimsoll Digital Lead - Consumer & Industrial Products and Services PwC

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