BrightMove Media

At BrightMove Media, we are at the forefront of the adtech market; we design, manufacture, and license technology which enables digital vehicular advertising and messaging. Using dual-sided screens on the rooftops of London cabs, we were the first regulator approved service of its kind on the road.Our connected network takes digital media to the next level, bringing the latest in ‘near and now’ advertising onto the streets of London. High impact, vibrant, eye level screens help amplify your brand in a way nothing else can. With in-built intelligence triggers, we can help target relevant messages to the right audiences, at the right time, reducing wastage and improving ROI.

By October 2014 we’ll have over 400 digital screens on the tops of London’s iconic taxis offering advertisers unique reach in targeting the London demographic. Our intelligence triggers allow advertisers to target messages at pre-defined geographic areas, at specific times of day or at premium audiences such as ‘Business People’ and ‘West End Shoppers’. It’s real-time, it’s here, and it’s now!
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