Tim Hulbert

Tim’s career is a marketing story spanning several diverse industries. Starting out in publishing and the early days of online media Tim worked for a niche Argentine publishing house for 5 years as a marketing manager. He then moved into the world of dotcom in New York working for online publishing website eCountries. When that went bankrupt (didn’t all the most fun ones...?) he worked for a Financial think tank before moving to Centrica where he was the Senior Proposition Manager for AA Financial Services (2001-2005).
After working for ITV as their Head of Viewer Insight (2005-2007) he joined RSA Insurance as the Group Insight Director, moved across into Emerging Markets to become the Strategy & Marketing Director (2007-2011) from where he joined Barclaycard mid 2011 in the role of Director of Global Insight. In 2013 Tim moved across from Barclaycard to Barclays to assume the position of Managing Director, Head of Insight & Research for the Group.

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