David Fisher

David leads monetisation of digital products at Sky. Sky’s ‘Advanced Advertising’ strategy, of which AdSmart is also a part, is focused on four key areas: Addressability, cross-platform, programmatic and the successful monetisation of new audience behaviours or consumption patterns. In the last year David and the team successfully launched Sky AdVance, allowing audience
targeting to extend from TV to digital through a 3 million household viewing panel and an extension of the ad stack to include a DSP. 2015 also saw the launch of several new VOD products, not least the ability to advertise around catch-up on the set-top box,
now Sky’s fastest growing VOD revenue stream. Next up for Sky, the challenge of how to deliver broadcast VOD inventory programmatically, at scale, while being regulatory and data compliant. Before joining Sky, David spent five years at the Guardian where, as part of the commercial leadership team, he played a central role in the move to a ‘digital first’ strategy.
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