Shaun Leavy

Shaun Leavy of Wells, Somerset, spent 9 years in the British Military, with 6 years served in the British Special Forces, before realising his dream and setting up his own company, Kinetic Six. It is through Kinetic Six that he has been able to work with some truly amazing people at the forefront of animal conservation.
Animals have always been one of Shaun’s passions; to be involved so closely with conservation through the projects conducted by Kinetic Six, has been a life changing experience. In particular, working with the African Rangers and the teams that train them has seen this passion grow exponentially. So much so, he is undertaking the 2016 Jungle Ultra Marathon in Peru as part of the Running For Rangers team. Running For Rangers are a group of highly motivated individuals who are vehement about conservation, along with their Ambassador, Phil Vickery.
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