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How to Steal £100m with a paint brush.
This session explores the dark side of creativity, decoding the ingenuity of the criminal fraternity as a source of inspiration for commercial creativity. Psychologically deviants have much in common with entrepreneurs, artists and creatives, sharing similar traits in terms of critical thinking and problem solving. With limited resources criminals literally have no option but to use their imaginations and powers of lateral thinking to circumnavigate the barriers of crime prevention.

Peter Field's 'Selling Creativity Short' and Michael Farmer's 'Manslaughter of Madison Avenue' have both separately concluded that advertising creativity is under extreme threat. Corporate short-termism has engendered a risk averse corporate world, fuelled even further by the recent economic and political uncertainty. In addition they assert that the allure of measurable short term digital marketing has squeezed advertising budgets deflecting monies away from long term brand equity building. At a societal level, creativity has quantitatively been found to be in decline, driven by the changes in modern childhood bereft of down time that allows children to exercise their imaginations. Its timely therefore for us to look to other sources to sharpen our own thinking and where better than from the ingenious underworld. This presentation will reveal the Miscreant Ten Commandments that have been developed following a detailed audit of some of the most audacious crimes in history. View Less


Professor David Lawrence Planning Director Brave

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